10 Places to Visit in Northolt England


10 Places to Visit in Northolt England

Northolt is a town in the London Borough of Ealing, England. It is located west of Charing Cross, and is often considered part of central London.

2 Bishopsgate

The Bishopsgate area is a street in London, England. It runs from Aldgate to Moorgate and connects the City of London with Liverpool Street station.

It’s one of the oldest parts of London because it was where many people lived when they first started living in Roman Britain. In fact, it was called “Britannia Londinium” at one point!

Bishopsgates main features include:

Bank Of England Museum (opened 1852) – This museum has lots of historical artefacts about how money works today as well as other things like coins and banknotes etcetera…

8-10 Upper Thames Street

This is a popular place to visit in Northolt. It’s great for lunch or dinner, and it’s also a good place to go for drinks. If you’re looking for shopping, Upper Thames Street is home to boutiques such as Zara and Topshop, as well as many other stores that sell clothing and accessories. You can also find some great places nearby if you want some fresh air – the River Brent runs along the eastern side of the street so there’s plenty of space here for running around!

If you’ve got time on your hands during your stay in Northolt we recommend taking a walk down this lovely road; just follow our directions below and enjoy yourself!

1-4 Eversholt Street

Eversholt Street is a street in Northolt, London, England. It runs from the junction with St Mary’s Grove to the junction with Upper Thames Street. The houses on this road were built during the latter part of Victorian times and they are generally two storeys high with three or four windows per floor (with some exceptions). The road was named after Sir Edward Eversholt (1782-1858), who served as High Sheriff for Middlesex between 1821 and 1823.

15-17 South Carriage Drive

South Carriage Drive is a street in Northolt, England. It’s located on the eastern boundary of Northolt and it runs south from the junction with Hillside Avenue to Turnpike Lane. The buildings here include 16-18 South Carriage Drive (a house), 20 South Carriage Drive (a house) and 24 South Carriage Drive (another house).

The number 17 has its own nickname: “The Blue House.”

1-3 Victoria Street

This is one of the most important streets in Northolt and it’s a popular shopping destination for residents. It has lots of shops, restaurants and bars making it an ideal place to visit if you’re looking for something different than your usual street markets or malls. The main attraction here are not only the shops but also the many cafes, bars and restaurants that serve delicious food.

31 Edge Lane, Northolt, UB6 7TQ

The hotel is situated on Edge Lane in Northolt and offers guests a warm welcome. It’s one of the most popular places to stay in Northolt, with its charming character and traditional decor. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay while exploring this part of London, then this is where you should go!

The hotel has been awarded four stars by VisitEngland and was also listed among ‘The 10 Best Hotels Attractions’ by TripAdvisor. It has over 20 rooms available at all times so there’s something suitable for everyone – whether it’s family friends or couples who want some time alone together after work (or even if they’ve just finished watching Game Of Thrones). You’ll find everything from single bedrooms to family suites which can accommodate up to five people each; there are also sleep-out suites available if travelling with children too!

Traveling in Victoria with Victoria Taxis

Victoria Taxis is a taxi company that operates in Northolt, London. It’s a family run business and they care about their customers, who are mostly young people going to university or college. The company also offers other services such as airport transfers, home pick ups, and private hire. They have been rated as one of the best taxi services in London by TripAdvisor users since 2012, so you can be sure that you will get great service from this company!


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