3 Things To Do In Putney


Putney is a district in London, England. It was historically the village where the Putney Debating Society met. The name derives from “Putta-ni”, the place or land of Petta. In medieval times it was considered part of Surrey but became part of Middlesex by Act of Parliament in 1805; Putney then formed part of the London Borough of Wandsworth until 1965 when it became part of the Inner London boroughs and Greater London Region under its own Act of Parliament passed by Queen Elizabeth II on 1 April 1965 – making it one of only two areas (with Hammersmith) that have had its own borough status since at least 1800 (the other being Kensington & Chelsea).

Putney Ponds

Putney Ponds is a public park in London. It is located in the London Borough of Putney, south of Putney Bridge. The pond was originally dug by Thomas Morell and his father-in-law Ralph Verney, who owned land on both sides of it; they also built an ornamental bridge across the pond which still exists today.

Putney Ponds is popular with locals and visitors alike because it has both leisure activities such as walking trails and cycling routes along its waterside paths as well as being home to many different types of wildlife including ducks, swans and herons which are often seen during spring or autumn months when they migrate down from their northern breeding grounds up north towards warmer climates closer to southern Europe where there’s less snowfall each winter season but still plenty enough ice skating opportunities available during winter months when temperatures tend to drop below freezing point due to lack heat generated by artificial sources such as power plants etc.

Putney Bridge

Putney Bridge is a road bridge that spans the River Thames at Putney, London. It links Fulham and Wandsworth to the south with Battersea and Clapham to the north. It is one of three road bridges across this stretch of river (the other two being Waterloo Bridge and Chelsea Harbour).

The first bridge on this site was built in 1818 but was destroyed by fire in 1836. The current structure was constructed between 1838–40 using cast iron arches supported by piers set into concrete foundations; it has four spans each measuring around 100 metres long by 19 metres wide at their widest point, giving an overall length of 340 metres (1,260 ft). Its total height above water level when open is 5 metres (16 ft), which means that pedestrians are able to walk underneath it while cars drive over it if they wish.

Putney High Street

The High Street is the main shopping street in Putney and has a number of shops as well as restaurants, bars and cafes. It’s also a great place to spend a day out with children because there are lots of things for them to see and do!

The High Street has lots of interesting shops that sell everything from jewellery to antiques or clothes. You can find something here for every budget – from cheap souvenirs at the market stalls on the pavement outside the Central Market (which has been trading since 1349) up through high end designer fashion stores like Liberty London which sells designer dresses & accessories at very affordable prices!

If you’re looking for something specific then there are plenty more options around too including: Fur & Feathers which sells exotic animals such as parrots or reptiles; The Bookshop where you’ll find everything from fiction books right up through classic literature; Artisan Coffe Café serving delicious homemade food made using fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible

Traveling In Putney With Putney Taxis

The cost of traveling in Putney is a fraction of what you’d expect, given the size and makeup of its population. Putney Taxis are an affordable way to get around town without breaking the bank.

The best time to travel in Putney is during weekdays or weekends when traffic isn’t as heavy; however, if you’re looking for something more exciting than your average commute—or just want some entertainment while on the road—then consider checking out one of our many ridesharing apps (like Lyft or Uber). These companies offer rides all over London at affordable prices with friendly drivers who will be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for: whether it’s dinner at one of our local restaurants or shopping at one our high-end retail stores like Harrods or Selfridges.’


Putney is a great place to visit, live, work and invest. If you’re thinking of moving to Putney or even just exploring it once as an outsider, then we’re here to help.

Putney has some great things going on right now! It’s a local hot spot for restaurants and bars which means that there are plenty of places where you can meet people while enjoying the local culture. There are also many interesting places to explore if you want something different from the usual tourist attractions (and they’re all within walking distance).

If you love food then there are lots of places where delicious dishes will be served up on your plate – whether it’s Italian food at Pizza Express or Malaysian cuisine at Le Cafe Rouge – but if not then don’t worry because there is still plenty left over for those who prefer more traditional British fare such as fish and chips from Greggs’ bakery counter!


Putney is a wonderful place to visit. It has so much to offer and there are plenty of things for you to do in Putney when you want to get out of the house or enjoy some time away from your own home. Whether you are looking for something relaxing and fun, or if you want something more active like hiking trails or biking trails then Putney has them all!


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