5 Amazing Places To Visit In Aldershot UK


Aldershot is a town in Hampshire, England. It is the oldest garrison town and has been an important garrison in history. Aldershot is also famous for its military academy and its natural beauty. In this post we will give you some amazing places to visit in Aldershot.

Aldershot Military Heritage Centre

The Aldershot Military Heritage Centre is a museum of the history of the British Army. It is located in the town of Aldershot, Hampshire, England and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 1st July 1994.

The museum features over 400 exhibits that tell its story from its beginnings through to modern day operation. There are also several interactive displays which allow visitors to learn about different aspects of army life including drill halls and barracks as well as weapons displays such as artillery pieces or tanks used during conflicts throughout history

The centre also houses an archive library containing over 500 books related to military topics such as strategy theory etc., but also contains rare historical items such as diaries from soldiers who fought against Napoleon Bonaparte’s armies during his invasion attempts back then (1796–1815), letters written by officers serving with Wellington’s forces on 19th June 1815 when they defeated Napoleon’s armada trying

Aldershot Garrison Museum

The Aldershot Garrison Museum is free and open to the public. It’s located in the Aldershot Garrison, which was once a major British military base that housed around 100,000 soldiers during World War II.

The museum has two floors of exhibits showcasing the history of Aldershot as well as other parts of Hampshire District, such as Farnborough and Sandhurst Barracks. There are also displays on British military history including one showing how cannons were made at Woolwich Arsenal during 1712-1714; this was one of only two sites where they could be found!

Farnborough Airshow

The Farnborough Airshow is the largest air display in Europe and one of the biggest events on the aviation calendar. It attracts thousands of spectators from all over the world, who come to see some amazing aircraft fly overhead.

The Farnborough Airshow takes place at Farnborough Airfield in Hampshire every year during July or August. The event has been running since 1946 and attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year – it’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular attraction!

HMS “Bulwark” Museum

HMS “Bulwark” was built in the UK in the early 1930s. She was a part of the Royal Navy’s Home Fleet during World War II and later served as a training vessel for cadets and midshipmen at Dartmouth College.

The museum is located on Britannia Dock Road, near to the town centre; it features interactive exhibits about life aboard the ship during wartime, including an audio-visual presentation that takes you into battle stations with gunners on deck.

Aldershot Railway Museum

The Aldershot Railway Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of railways in Aldershot. It has been around since 1997 and is run by volunteers who collect items from the local area, along with other museums and libraries. The main attractions include old locomotives and carriages, as well as photographs of people who worked on them during their lifetime. There are also displays about famous trains like The Flying Scotsman (which ran between Edinburgh and London) or trains that carried people over long distances such as the Orient Express which travelled between Paris/Marseilles/Milan/Vienna before reaching Budapest at night time!

The best way to visit is during one of their open days when they invite everyone over so they can show off what they’ve got here at this little gem located near Farnborough flight training ground – just over an hour away from London by train if you’re feeling adventurous! Entry costs £5 per adult but children under 16 get in free whilst those under 5 years old get 50% off their ticket price!


Aldershot is a town in the Borough of Fareham in Hampshire, England. It lies on the A30 road between Portsmouth and Southampton and is home to numerous barracks including that of the British Army. The town also has many attractions for tourists including its historical buildings and museums.

Aldershot has been a garrison town since Roman times when it was known as Aquae Flaviae (meaning “water from Flavia”, or Flavia Amphitheatre). This name was given because there were hot springs nearby which gave it good thermal properties for bathing purposes. In addition to this, there are other places that can be visited while on holiday like Winchester College which was founded back in 1551 by Henry VIII through his chancellor Thomas Cromwell who wanted something different than what they had seen elsewhere at Oxford University so they could teach children Christian values instead of just knowing about medicine or science like before during medieval times where everyone thought only kings mattered but now we know better!

Travelling in Aldershot with Aldershot Taxis

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Aldershot is a great place to visit with its rich history and culture. The city has so much to offer both residents and visitors alike, but if you want more information about what’s on offer then check out our website where we have many more photos and videos from around Aldershot!


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