5 Places To Visit in Walton


5 Places To Visit in Walton


Walton is a small city with a lot of history and culture. In addition to being home to the historic Walton Museum, there are many other attractions and places for visitors to explore. Here are five things that everyone should see when visiting Walton:

Walton Arts and Crafts Festival

The Walton Arts and Crafts Festival is a two-day event held in Walton, Ontario during the summer. It’s an annual celebration of the arts, crafts and music community of this small town on Lake Erie.

The festival has been going on for over 40 years and attracts thousands of visitors each year. The fairgrounds are located at 10th Avenue between King Street and Albert Street where you’ll find many vendors selling their handmade products like jewelry, pottery or art work as well as food trucks serving up delicious dishes from all over the world!

The Walton Museum of Art, Science and History

The Walton Museum of Art, Science and History is a museum in Walton, Kentucky, United States. It is located at the corner of Main Street and Center Street. It was established in 1866 as a subscription library by John A. Walton (1792–1872), who also served as its first president. The building was constructed on land donated by his wife Mary Anne Clark “Mollie” (1796–1874), who had inherited it from her father Joseph Clark Sr., a Revolutionary War veteran who had fought under General George Washington during that war’s Battle of Long Island where he received his wound that later led him to die from it at age 50 due to complications related with his wound which were exacerbated by alcohol abuse while living alone after being widowed twice prior during those times when he was separated from his wives’ families due to them moving away across country; this would later lead him into depression thinking: “I’m just another old man now.”

The museum features art exhibits ranging from Native American artwork through modern day works created by local artists such as Jimmie Alexander Claytor whose painting titled “A Portrait Of My Grandfather” hangs above all others inside their lobby area where visitors can see them up close before entering any other part inside building where more rare pieces may be found depending upon what ones interest level might be oriented towards looking around their various rooms’ contents

Center for Contemporary Music

The Center for Contemporary Music is a non-profit organization that creates and presents live performances by world-class artists. They host concerts, recitals, workshops and other events at their unique venue in Walton.

The center offers programs to all ages: young children can join the Paradise Singers or learn about music appreciation through the Family Concert Series; adults can attend lectures on topics such as modern writing techniques or experimental forms of music; or you could even take an introductory course yourself!

The Walton Zoo

The Walton Zoo is a great place to visit, and it’s also a great place to take your kids. This zoo has over 300 different species of animals and many different habitats for them to live in. The park also has rides for children, gift shops where you can buy souvenirs from the zoo, restaurants where you can eat lunch or dinner after visiting the zoo, and even an ice cream shop if you’re feeling lazy!

If you have any questions about whether or not this place is worth visiting before booking tickets please don’t hesitate to ask us here at [Insert name here].

Valley View Park

Valley View Park is a great place to visit. The park has many picnic tables, so you can go for a picnic with your family, friends or even by yourself. You could also bring your dog and have him/her play in the dog park or just enjoy his/her company while you are there!

If you like walking around parks during the day time then I definitely suggest checking out Valley View Park because it has plenty of trails that will allow you to walk all throughout this beautiful area. If cycling is more up your alley then there are some great bike trails at this location as well!

Travel Comfortably with Walton Taxis to Discover Walton

Walton Taxis is a great way to get around Walton. It’s also an excellent way to explore the city, particularly if you want to see some of its more offbeat attractions.

Walton Taxis has been providing excellent service since 1914 and they have never stopped innovating since then! The company was founded by two brothers who were born in Walton and had worked for their father’s taxi company before setting up on their own. They started out with just one car but soon expanded into five different types of vehicles including cars, minibuses and coaches (for larger groups).


Walton is a small town, but it has so much to offer. If you’re looking for somewhere to visit while in the area and want something fun, Walton is definitely the place to go.

The town’s history dates back to 1894 when it was founded as a stop along the railroad line between Houston and Dallas. Today, Walton continues being home to many historical sites that tell its story through artifacts like buildings or statues – and even trees!

There are also plenty of museums and galleries where visitors can learn about art history or nature conservation through exhibits by local artists or scientists (such as Dr. John Bohannon).


Walton is a small town full of art and history, nature, and many other activities. There are so many ways to discover the beauty of this place. I hope that you enjoyed reading about these five places in Walton!



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