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Sutton is a town in south-east England, located on the eastern bank of the River Thames. It is the administrative centre for the borough of Sutton and Mole Valley, Surrey. The town has a population of around 100,000 people and was once called “the garden village” due to its many large private gardens.

Sutton Manor

Sutton Manor is a country house in Sutton, and it’s the home of Sir John Sutton, the founder of the town. It’s also a Grade II listed building, built in around 1613 by Sir John and his wife.

The manor was later enlarged by his son Edward and became known as ‘The Great House’. In 1752 it passed into private hands when it was purchased by Thomas Disney who died just three years later leaving an estate worth £80,000 (£18 million today).

Lullington Castle

Lullington Castle is a medieval castle in Lullington, Warwickshire. The castle was built in 1210 by Sir William de Berkley and destroyed by the Normans during their invasion of England. It was rebuilt between 1260 and 1270 with stone from Stonehenge, which can be seen on the grounds. The castle has been owned by various people over the centuries until it became a Grade II listed building in 1949 when it was purchased by Colonel Henry Seymour Amherst for £8500 as his personal residence; he also restored much of its decorative fittings including two sets of medieval windows which still exist today.

In recent years there has been extensive restoration work done on this historic building so that it now looks like what you would expect from an early 13th century castle – albeit somewhat dilapidated! This includes repairing stonework damaged during construction or further deterioration due to age etc., cleaning old mortar off masonry joints etc., removing mosses growing inside walls etc., repointing broken stone arches etc..

St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church is a church in Sutton, London. It is located on the A4195 road. The church was built in the late 13th century and has been designated as Grade II listed building since 1974.

The west end of the nave (the main body of) dates from around 1290 with additions made later including two square towers above two side chapels and one at its east end; this part also includes some stained glass windows which date back to 1864. These were designed by John MacDonald Adams and depict biblical scenes like Noah’s Ark or David slaying Goliath.

Shire Hall Museum

Shire Hall Museum is a local museum based in the centre of Sutton. The collection contains objects and artefacts from Sutton’s history, including ancient stones and pieces of pottery. The museum is open every day and has a café where you can eat or drink something to your heart’s content. There are also gift shops selling books about the town’s past as well as souvenirs such as postcards and keychains featuring local landmarks such as The Old Vicarage on Church Road or Sutton Bridge itself.

Merston House

Merston House is a Grade I listed building. It was built in the late 17th century and has been home to many famous people, including John Constable and Thomas Hardy. On top of that, it was also home to Sir William Pulteney, 1st Baronet during his lifetime.

Merston House is located in Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham and is open daily from 10am until 4pm (last entry 3pm).

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We hope this article has given you some ideas for places to visit in Sutton. It’s a beautiful area with a rich history, and there are plenty of attractions to explore if you have time. If you are planning a trip soon or just want to learn more about what it has to offer, we recommend visiting the Sutton Taxis website for more information on how they can help make your visit even better!



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