A Guide to Hotels in Terminal 1 of Heathrow



Terminal 1 of Heathrow is one of the busiest terminals in Europe. This means that you need to be careful when booking hotels and flights here. There are many options when it comes to finding a hotel, but I have narrowed down my list based on some key criteria: location, price and quality. Here are my recommendations for some great places to stay when traveling through T1:

Best Western Airport

There are many options for hotels in Terminal 1 of Heathrow, but the Best Western Airport Hotel is one of the best. The hotel is located close to the airport and has free parking and free Wi-Fi. The rooms at this hotel are spacious and comfortable, with TVs and phones available at no extra cost. There’s also an excellent restaurant onsite that serves up great food at reasonable prices – you won’t have to spend much time searching for somewhere else once your flight lands!

The price range for this hotel starts at £65 per night (per room). You can book online here or call +44 020 8512 1000 if you prefer speaking directly with someone about your reservation instead of using email or live chat software like TripAdvisor’s site does.

Holiday Inn Express Egham Court

Holiday Inn Express Egham Court is located on the A30, just outside of Heathrow airport. It’s only a short drive from the airport, and it’s easy to get there by car or motorway. The hotel itself has 120 rooms, with free WiFi and 24-hour room service available.

The price for this hotel depends on what kind of room you book: standard rooms start at £43 for two adults (with children under five staying for free) while executive suites go for £76 per person – and that doesn’t include breakfast! Rooms also come with flat-screen TVs and mini fridges stocked with drinks like water bottles so you’re never left thirsty in your travels through Britain’s busiest hub!

There are many amenities at Holiday Inn Express Egham Court such as an indoor pool area complete with sauna therapy bath treatment rooms; fitness centre; bicycle rentals available upon request; 24-hour reception desk where travelers can receive maps showing local attractions like Buckingham Palace within walking distance away from any point within London City Centre (a mere 17 minutes drive away). If none of these options suit then perhaps try booking online via their website instead since they offer discounts when booking online versus calling ahead directly into their office space located just down road next door from where I live now .

Hotel Indigo Heathrow – Terminal 1

Hotel Indigo Heathrow – Terminal 1 is a good choice for a stay in London. It’s located at the airport, so it will save you time getting to and from your flight. The hotel features free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool and hot tub, as well as 24-hour check-in services.

The rooms themselves are quite spacious with plenty of storage space for personal items such as luggage or clothing. The décor is clean and simple but still offers some nice touches like hardwood floors throughout the main areas of this hotel property (including hallwayways).

Ibis London Heathrow Hotel – Liverpool Street

  • Location: Liverpool Street, London
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service and a bar.
  • Price: From £10 per night for a single room or from £38 for a double room.

You can find the Ibis London Heathrow Hotel on the ground floor of the Shaftesbury Theatre building in Liverpool Street. The hotel offers free parking on site as well as access to nearby bus services that stop near by (the number 26).

Mercure Heathrow City Centre –

The Mercure Heathrow City Centre is the best choice for those who want to stay close to the airport. The hotel offers free public transport from the city centre and it’s a short walk away from Terminal 1.

The rooms are spacious, comfortable and modern in decor. There are also complimentary breakfast vouchers available upon request; however you can buy them at any time during your stay (and they’re not too expensive). You’ll find that this hotel has everything you’d need during your stay in London – including restaurants serving local dishes as well as international ones!

Heathrow Terminal 1 taxis

Heathrow is a large airport, and it’s pretty easy to get lost. The best way to avoid getting lost is by using taxis, which are plentiful at Heathrow. If you’re uncertain about how far away your hotel is from the terminal (or if you want to avoid expensive rides), simply ask one of the drivers where they’ll take you!

Heathrow Terminal 1 taxis can be difficult to find because there are so many different companies operating in this area. Most of them have websites that show their locations on maps with GPS coordinates attached so that people can easily find out where they need go without having to rely on someone else’s directions – and many offer discounts if used multiple times within a certain period of time!


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We hope this guide has been helpful in deciding which hotel to choose for your next trip to London. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@heathrowholidays.co.uk or call 02084241074



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