Best Places To Visit In Balham


Balham is a suburb of south-west London, England. It is located 8.3 miles (13 km) south-west of Charing Cross, on the Balham High Road and junction 14 of the M3 motorway. The area is mostly residential but has some open spaces and parks including Streatfield Common, which runs along most of its southern boundary with Tulse Hill ward.

The Balham South Library

The Balham South Library is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Balham. It’s a great place to meet friends and family, as well as do some reading. The library is open from 9am to 5pm every day except Monday, when it closes at 3pm. The library has a cafe where you can buy sandwiches or coffees, and there are also tables where you can sit down with your book if you want to read while waiting for an appointment or just hanging out! There’s nothing like sitting by the window with your favorite book while overlooking some old buildings on Upper Richmond Road; that feeling alone should be enough for anyone who loves books.

Knightsbridge Shopping Centre

Knightsbridge Shopping Centre is a shopping centre in Knightsbridge, London, England. It is the largest shopping centre in Europe and it was opened in 1972. The centre has around 500 shops and includes an Outlet Department Store called Westfield Shoppingtown London that sells designer brands at discounted prices. The centre also has a food court with various restaurants including McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Express and Nando’s Chicken Peri Peri. There are also several bars where you can have lunch or dinner after your shopping experience at Knightsbridge Shopping Centre

Kingswood Park

Kingswood Park is a park in Balham, London. It is located in the London Borough of Wandsworth and was opened on 12 May 2001. The park has been awarded the Green Flag Award for its environmental credentials, with it being considered to be one of the best parks in London.

Kingswood Park is one of Britain’s largest dog walking venues with over 2,000 dogs walking there every day during peak season (June–August). There are also plenty of other activities including children’s play area, skate park and cricket pitch which are open from dawn until dusk seven days per week throughout summer months so you can make sure your furry friends get plenty of exercise too!

Canary Walk

Canary Walk is a street in Balham, London, England. It is named after the canaries that were once kept there. The road is lined with small shops and restaurants.

The area was developed during the 19th century as part of what became known as ‘the Manchester Road’ (built 1860), which formed part of London’s main east-west route connecting Putney to Streatham Common via Clapham Junction railway station (1867). This was an important location for commuters travelling between Victoria Station and Stockwell stations on both sides of Hyde Park by tram or bus service until they were withdrawn in 1951 following damage sustained during World War II bombings aimed at destroying enemy targets within central London itself.”

Balham Station – London Overground

Balham Station is a station on the London Overground network. It is located in Balham, south London, England. The station is on the Victoria line between Clapham Junction and Morden.

Balham Station is served by many trains per hour throughout the day including:

  • Northern
  • Southeastern/Southern
  • Thameslink

Visit these beautiful places in Balham

Balham is a neighborhood in London. It’s known for its many beautiful places to visit, including the Thames Path and London Wetland Centre. The area also offers many lovely restaurants where you can enjoy your meal with friends or family.

Balham has several attractions that make it an excellent choice for tourists who want something different from the tourist sites they’ve seen before. If you want to learn more about this area, check out our blog post on “The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Balham”!

Traveling in Balham with Balham Taxis

Taxis Balham are a great way to get around. They’re affordable, reliable and safe; they’re easy to use as well!

Balham taxis are affordable: Some taxi companies offer discounts if you book your ride in advance or pay with cash or debit card instead of credit card. For example, if you book your ride for £20 on the day before it is due then there will be no discount applied because this would make it more expensive than paying on time at the airport when arriving back home after vacationing abroad (and therefore needing less time spent driving).

Balham taxis are reliable: All drivers working for these companies must go through training programs before receiving their licenses so they know how best to handle situations such as bad weather conditions like heavy rainstorms during summer months when roads become slippery due too much moisture being absorbed into them due  to high temperatures throughout most parts where tourists travel regularly visiting London like Hyde Park Corner near Trafalgar Square area which houses many landmark buildings including Tower Bridge across river Thames River flowing underneath bridge itself onto land surrounding city center area making sure everyone gets there safely without any accidents happening along way!


Balham is a great place to visit. The town has many beautiful places to explore, and it’s easy to get around by public transport or on foot. It also has some fantastic restaurants, cafes and bars for when you need some entertainment after your day at work!


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