Know How to Recognize Your Trees Are Experiencing Heat Stress?


Heatwave is bad not only for humans but trees also. The hot temperature does more harm to young and old trees than other trees. If you have planted trees in your Sacramento landscape design, make sure your trees are well protected from this kind of damage. Heat stress negatively impacts trees. It affects their appearance and makes them more inclined to catch diseases and other insect problems.  

During hot temperatures, tree stump ideas yard find it difficult to stay alive, especially damaged trees or trees with damages.  Since trees use all their energy to just survive in heat, damaged trees have a lesser ability to heal themselves than other trees.

There are ways to reduce the impact of heat stress on your tress. For this, first, you need to recognize the warning signs a tree is showing. 

Here are the warning signs of heat stress in trees 

Trees and plants should be looked after regularly. As soon as you recognize the warning signs of heat stress, you should get in contact with experienced tree services in Sacramento for preventing your trees from the terrible damage before it’s too late. The early you notice these signs, the earlier you can do something to help them. So, it’s important to act quickly in this situation. 

Heat stress or hot and dry temperature can put a dire impact on newly planted shrubs and trees, and can even lead to their death. 

  • Wilting leaves and droopy plants
  • Yellow leaves or tree’s needles turning yellow. 
  • Rust spots on leaves or rust-colored leaves
  • The leaves are curled 
  • Scorched leaves
  • The plant is not achieving healthy growth.
  • Trees are losing their leaves and most of the fallen leaves are yellow.

The above signs can help you identify heat stress in trees. However, it’s not easy to recognize whether your trees have been impacted negatively by heat or drought. For an accurate diagnosis, we recommend calling a certified tree professional or arborist for the inspection of a tree. 

How to reduce the impact of heat stress in trees 

To minimize the impact of heat stress, here is what you can do. 

  • Renew the mulch over the root system for protection from the intense heat. It helps maintain the temperature inside the soil and keeps it from rising too high.  

In case the root system has no mulch over it, add a 4-inch layer. Mulching also reduces moisture loss from the soil.

  • Give adequate water to the plants and trees. Trees need water to survive in hot and dry conditions, or they can die and the result could be tree removal in Sacramento. If you have a young shrub, make sure it is getting enough water. Giving water to newly planted trees is very important since they are more vulnerable to damage than mature trees.
  • When it comes to big or larger trees, drip lines should be watered to allow the excess water on the canopy to get to the ground.
  • Too little water in the soil impacts your tress. Thus, you need to check the soil moisture level. Water it if it’s dry. 



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