Odiham’s 6 Most Popular Travel Destinations

Travel Destinations Near Odiham


If you are planning to go on vacation to Odiham, then we have some great news for you! This place is a haven for travelers and has so much to see and do. From exploring the countryside to spending time in the city or beaches, there is always something new around every corner. Here are some popular Travel Destinations near Odiham:

New Forest

The New Forest is a National Park in the South East of England. It is the largest forest in Europe, and it’s a popular tourist destination for families and couples alike. If you’re looking for somewhere to visit near Odiham with your family or friends, then this might be just what you need!


Hampshire is a county in southern England. It has been subdivided into three districts: Winchester, Southampton and Portsmouth. The largest city by population is Southampton with 150 000 inhabitants. The main industries are agriculture, tourism and military services (Royal Navy).


Portsmouth is a city in Hampshire, England. It was founded as Portus Adurni by the Romans at around 75 AD and became one of the oldest English cities until it was destroyed by a great fire in 1107. It is now best known for its association with Lord Nelson, whose victory at the Battle of Trafalgar secured Britain’s dominance over Europe during the Napoleonic Wars.

Although founded more than 2,000 years ago by Roman soldiers, today’s Portsmouth still has plenty to offer visitors who want to explore its historical sites. And enjoy some entertainment options such as shopping malls or cinemas as well as having fun activities such as sailing ships tours on nearby rivers like The Solent. Or New Forest Waterways rail trails which feature beautiful scenery along their routes through countryside villages where visitors can stop for lunch before continuing onward towards London Bridge station where trains take them home again after exploring this part of England!


Southampton is a city and port on the south coast of England. It is known for its history, culture and industries.

History: The town grew out of two separate settlements: Hamwic (known as “Anchester”) in the 6th century and Portus Adurni (later called Portus Rufus) around 50 miles northeast of Hamwic by about AD 500. The present city was founded in 1202 by Richard FitzNigel de Clare upon his return from Crusade against Saladin in 1191; his grandson Edmund Ironside gave Southampton its charter as a borough corporation in 1219.

During this time it became one of England’s most important ports due to its proximity to France; although no longer an important trading centre today it remains one of the most visited places in Hampshire alongside Winchester Cathedral which lies just outside its boundaries further upriver towards London Bridge Station via Waterloo Bridge Station nearby along with St Pauls Cathedral which also forms part of London’s central area.


Winchester is a city in the English county of Hampshire. Winchester is the largest city in the county, and seventh-largest city in England. It is famous for its cathedral and castle, as well as its wide range of historic buildings. The town has been inhabited since prehistoric times; evidence from Bronze Age settlements has been found on Castle Hill, giving it its name ‘Castle’.


Liss is a small village in Hampshire, England. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations near Odiham. The area has been named ‘Best Place to Visit’ by TripAdvisor and ‘UK Travel Guide’s Best Beaches’ by Lonely Planet, meaning that there are plenty of reasons to visit this part of Hampshire.

Liss is also known for its good standard housing options at an affordable price point – making it a great place for first time buyers or investors looking for somewhere close enough to commute into London but far enough away from busy urban areas where costs can rise quickly over time due to high demand on properties (like central London).


Odiham is a small town in Hampshire, England. It’s located in the New Forest and it’s home to some of the most beautiful scenery in all of England.

Odiham was originally an important trading center for people who lived nearby because it had both shops and inns that served travelers passing through on their way to other places. Today, it still has many places where you can buy food or drink but also enjoy some culture at various museums as well as historic sites like churches and cemeteries where many families buried their loved ones during medieval times (before modern medicine). This makes Odiham one of my favorite places to visit because I love learning about history while visiting new places!

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