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The town of Sandhurst is a picturesque and historic place that is well worth exploring. It has so much to offer, including museums, libraries and art galleries. There are also many places to visit around Sandhurst that you might not have known about!

Bunny Park – This rural setting is just north of Sandhurst, with play equipment for all ages.

Bunny Park is a great place for families, with lots of space to play and lots of things to do. There are ramps and slides for children, as well as a playground and swings for older children. You can also picnic here, sit on the grass under an oak tree or just enjoy the peace and quiet!

If you’re looking for an activity that allows you to get outside without being too strenuous, then riding your bike around Bunny Park will give you plenty of exercise without making you sweat too much (unless it’s hot weather).

Wansford Bridge Climb – A popular attraction in the East of England.

Wansford Bridge Climb is a popular attraction in the East of England, located near Wansford, Cambridgeshire. The bridge was built in 1704 and is one of only two remaining bridges to cross over the River Great Ouse. It has been described as “one of the most photographed landmarks in Britain”, with its steep steps and narrow path leading up to it from both sides.

The steps have been used by many people since they were first built; there are currently over 100 steps leading up to the top, which are said to be around 20 feet high (6m). The age range for people who can climb this bridge varies depending on what part of England you live in; some townships don’t allow anyone under 16 years old access at all while others may allow those under 18 years old entry only if accompanied by an adult or older sibling/parent etc.. However no matter where you live there will always be someone willing enough willing help out newbies who want learn how hard climbing really is!

The Gatekeeper’s Cottage and an old railway tunnel – Great place to visit if you have young children.

If you have young children and are interested in history, the Gatekeeper’s Cottage and an old railway tunnel should be on your list of places to visit. The cottage is a great place to visit if you have young children, but it’s also a nice place to bring older kids who are looking for adventure too.

The tunnel itself is set up as a mini museum where they can learn about how trains were built back in the day when there wasn’t much technology available at all! It’s definitely worth checking out if your child is interested in learning more about this time period or just wants something fun at home for rainy days like we do here in England 🙂

The Icehouse Inn – A great pub with lots of local characters who go there for their food or drinks on the weekend.

The Icehouse Inn is a great place to visit if you have young children. There are plenty of local characters who go there for their food or drinks on the weekend. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, which makes it perfect for families with young kids.

The pub has a large garden area with tables, chairs and umbrellas where you can sit outside and enjoy your meal in good weather!

Somerford Farmhouse and Church – Get a taste of the past at this working farm.

Somerford Farmhouse and Church

The Somerford Farmhouse is a working farm that you can visit. The farmhouse was built in the 17th century and has been renovated several times since then. You can see livestock, machinery and machinery, as well as learn about farming methods such as crop rotation or animal husbandry. The church is also open to visitors; it has been listed by English Heritage since 1986 because of its historic significance in Sandhurst’s history

Boar Lea Farmstead – A working farm with lots of animals for the kids to see!

Boar Lea Farmstead is a working farm with lots of animals for the kids to see! It’s located in Sandhurst, Cambridgeshire and a great place for families to spend some time together.

The farm has a variety of different animals including cows, sheep and pigs. You can also see horses on site as well as ducks that have been rescued from being killed by foxes or other predators. If you like seeing wild animals up close then this is definitely worth checking out!

Traveling in Sandhurst with Sandhurst Taxis

If you’re looking for a way to get around the area, Sandhurst taxis are the perfect choice. They offer a wide range of services and can be booked online or by calling the number on their website. You can also use their app and get an instant quote for any destination in Sandhurst or nearby towns including St Albans, Swindon and Cranbourne East.

There are plenty of things to do in Sandhurst and around it, from shopping to exploring nature.

There are plenty of things to do in Sandhurst and around it, from shopping to exploring nature.

  • Exploring the town’s busier attractions will help you get a feel for its history, which is one of the reasons why the town was chosen as the site for Sandhurst Castle.
  • There are also plenty of places where you can eat out or hang out with friends or family. You could visit one of our pubs for a drink after work or lunchtime; we have some great restaurants serving fresh food that both locals and visitors love! Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more special then perhaps try visiting one of our two Michelin star restaurants – The Beehive Restaurant & Bar or Le Manoir aux Quat’Sous (which has been awarded two Michelin stars). You could even pop into one of those Michelin starred restaurants near home if they’re open late on Friday nights!


It’s easy to spend a lot of time in Sandhurst, whether you’re looking for shopping or entertainment. But sometimes it can be nice to get away from all that and just relax with family or friends. That’s why I wrote this blog post: Places You Can Visit Around Sandhurst: a guide on local attractions within driving distance of Sandhurst. Hopefully this will help make your trip even more enjoyable!



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