Redefining Modernity with Minimalist Lucida Laminate Designs


Redefining Modernity with Minimalist Lucida Laminate Designs

Laminates are the most common and preferred construction materials when it comes to home design. The finishing of your interior design can be enchanted with different ranges of laminates with neutral colors, minimal patterns, and different textures. They are very dynamic as they can be used on various surfaces from walls, cabinets, counters, and many other surfaces.

Why CenturyLaminates?

There are countless laminate sheets available in the market which might create a state of confusion among homeowners and interior designers when it comes to the final decision of purchasing Laminates. Here are some reasons you should consider CenturyLaminates for your home:

  1. Cost-effective: Normally, laminate sheets are very costly which prevents a larger section of society from buying them. However, CenturyLaminates provides laminate sheets at a reasonable cost making them available for larger sections of society. It is a cost-effective method to give your home a cliché and a classy look.
  2. No more bacteria: Yes, you read it right! The laminate sheets provided by CenturyLaminates are enriched with a highly equipped technology, Virolkill technology. This technology can kill 99% of the bacteria, viruses, fugue, and other microorganisms, thus, ensuring a hygienic environment in the house.
  3. Heat and moisture resistant: Another important feature of CenturyLaminates is that it is heat and moisture-resistant.
  4. Minimum maintenance requirementsLucida Laminates believes that cleanliness is everything. This is why the laminate sheets are designed in such a way that it requires minimum to no maintenance. It can be cleaned with a single swipe whether it is liquid or just settled dust.

Giving a Minimal Touch to Your Interiors


There are different ways to use laminate designs for your house to enhance its beauty and décor. It provides an aesthetic and clean look to your room with multiple benefits. Different types of decorative laminate sheets can be used to provide a different look to your house with minimum maintenance.

These days, people are opting for a clean, clutter-free, and classy look for their homes. This design is known as minimalism which is concerned with simplicity, and cleanliness, and uses the bare essentials. The principle of this design is “less is more”. It has gained immense popularity these days as it is eco-friendly, cost-effective, economical, and accessible.

Here are some of the ideas you can consider while choosing laminate sheets to give your house a minimal look with a touch of modernity:

  • Living Room

If you want to give a modern but minimal look to your living room, you can opt for laminate sheets with neutral colors such as white and black. Along with this, choose sleek furniture as they blend with neutral colors easily. This will give your living room a stunning look. Make sure to give your living room a personal touch to enhance its minimalism. Use the laminate sheets in your living room in such a way that it feels relaxed and peaceful to you. Organize your room so that it looks clutter-free and simple.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is just not a place where a meal is cooked but a place where you make memories with your family members. So, it deserves some amount of extra care and love. Minimal design in your kitchen can never go wrong. It looks elegant and classy.

Neutral colors and simple patterns of laminate sheets will enhance the beauty of your kitchen and will give you a clutter-free minimal look with a touch of modernity. Neutral colors will also make your kitchen look more spacious than it is. Just doing this will make a lot of difference in how you see your kitchen.

  • Washroom

If you want to give your washroom a touch of minimalism and simplicity, embrace laminate sheets of neutral colors such as white, grey, black, beige, and many more. It not only gives a classy look to your bathroom but also makes your bathroom appear spacious and creates a clean space. To make your washroom clutter-free, you can also opt for a mirror with a cupboard already installed there.

  • Bedroom

If you are looking for an elegant but minimal design for your bedroom, choose laminates that define your personality. Lucida offers a wide range of laminate sheets to choose from. If you are confused about the patterns or textures to choose, you can go with wooden laminates which will give you a clutter-free environment and a peaceful vibe. You can also choose to apply laminate sheets on your cupboards and even your bed.

A monochromatic theme is also a perfect choice for an elegant but minimal bedroom. A monochrome theme gives your bedroom a subtle look. It is also a good idea for people who don’t like the touch of wood in their interior designs.



When it comes to choosing laminate sheets for your home, always make sure the sheets you are choosing are of top quality. These premium qualities will ensure that your sheets are heat and moisture-resistant. Make sure to choose laminate sheets which suit your personality and fulfill all your needs. Overall, laminates enhance the beauty of your home and provide a subtle look to your house with a luxurious touch.


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