The Best Places to Visit in High Wycombe



The Best Places to Visit in High Wycombe


High Wycombe is a wonderful town to visit, with so many things to do. Whether you’re in need of a relaxing break or want to explore new places, the area has something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite places:

The Tower House

The Tower House is a 16th century house built in the Elizabethan style. It has three floors, with a basement and attic that are accessible via an elaborate staircase. There are also two wings on either side of the central building; these were added at different times during its history and have their own distinctive features such as steep roofs or decorative chimney stacks.

The Tower House is a Grade II listed building, which means that it was given this status because it meets certain criteria set out by English Heritage (the government body responsible for protecting our historic buildings). The purpose behind listing buildings is to ensure they remain as they were originally built so visitors can experience what life was like at this time period when High Wycombe was first established as an important trading town in England’s Midlands region

Chiltern Country Park

Chiltern Country Park is a great place to go for a walk. The park has many different types of trees and plants, which makes it feel like you’re in the countryside even if you’re not right next to the river.

There are lots of things to do in this area: there are facilities such as restaurants, pubs and cafes; tennis courts; football pitches; public toilets with disabled access (which means no steps); children’s play areas etc., so you can spend some time here without feeling like you’re missing out on anything else!

If your family loves picnics then this is definitely where they should head off too! There are lots of picnic tables dotted around the park where families can sit together eating food prepared by themselves or bought from local shops selling hot dogs ($3) burgers ($9) chips ($3) ice cream etc…

Birches Head Nature Reserve

Birches Head Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in High Wycombe, west of the town centre. It’s an excellent place for bird watching and it’s also a good place to go for a walk if you’re in the area.

There are several walks available from here, including the “mini Paxton” trail (1 mile) or the “Long Walk” (2 miles) which takes you through some beautiful countryside and across some great views over Buckinghamshire towards Milton Keynes

Woodlands Country Park

Woodlands Country Park is a great place to go for a walk. It has a lot of different kinds of trees, flowers, and birds. There are also lots of other animals that live in the park as well.

The park has many different kinds of wildlife like deer, foxes and badgers which you can see during your visit here at Woodlands Country Park!

The National Trust’s Wycombe Abbey

The National Trust is a charity that protects historic buildings and landscapes. Its Grade I listed building, Wycombe Abbey is one of the most popular tourist attractions in High Wycombe.

The National Trust’s Wycombe Abbey was home to the Earls of Egremont from 1326 until 1836 when they were forced to sell it due to financial constraints. It now houses a museum with exhibits covering its history as an abbey church, castle and palace; full details can be found on their website here: https://www.nationaltrustpropertyguides/wycombeladyhouse

High Wycombe Museum and Art Gallery

The High Wycombe Museum and Art Gallery is the perfect place to spend a rainy day. It’s open every day of the year, free to visit and has an impressive collection of art and artefacts.

The museum has a library with books on all kinds of subjects, including local history, science fiction and fantasy literature. There’s also an exhibition area where you can learn more about local history through objects such as photographs or paintings that were made by people who lived there at different times in their lives (and maybe even bought them).

There’s also a cafe where you can have lunch or coffee while taking in all the amazing things this beautiful town has to offer!

The Grosvenor Estate and Gardens

The Grosvenor Estate and Gardens are a national heritage site. The estate is owned by the Grosvenor family, and it was established in 1760. It is located in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. The gardens are open to the public from Easter until October each year (except for Christmas Day).

High wycombe Taxis: Your Comfortable Ride Awaits

High Wycombe Taxis: Your Comfortable Ride Awaits

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High Wycombe Taxi Services offers its customers with several options when it comes to booking rides around town because they understand how important transportation is for everyone at all times of day or night! Their fleet includes both luxury sedans as well as compact saloons so there won’t be any trouble finding one that fits into any budget whatsoever – whether large sums like $100 per trip or small ones like $10 per trip (depending on where exactly).

There are lots of things to do in High Wycombe. You’ll have no trouble finding something interesting and fun, whether it’s an event or activity that you’ve always wanted to try or a new museum that’s just opened its doors. The list of things to do is extensive, but not exhaustive – and it isn’t comprehensive.


When you’re in High Wycombe and want to get out of the city, there are plenty of options. As we’ve discussed, the Tower House is a great place to visit on your way home from work or school, while the Chiltern Country Park offers beautiful vistas of nature. If you’re looking for something more structured than that, then Birches Head Nature Reserve might just be right up your alley – it’s open year round (except December) and features trails through wooded areas along with opportunities for bird watching and other outdoor activities. And if art history isn’t exactly what floats your boat, then head down town for a visit at The National Trust’s Wycombe Abbey



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