Things To Do In Lewisham



Things To Do In Lewisham


Lewisham is a bustling borough in South London, with modern shops and restaurants. It’s also home to the largest shopping center in Europe! Here are some cool things to do in Lewisham:

Lewisham’s Up-and-coming district

Lewisham is a great place to live and work. The area has many parks, schools, and green spaces that make it an ideal place for families to raise their children. Lewisham also has a great community spirit and sense of belonging.

The area around Lewisham Station offers plenty of entertainment options for those looking for something different from what you can find in other parts of London. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, cinemas and shops where you can spend your time with friends or family members who live nearby

Lewisham’s history

Lewisham is a London Borough. It was originally part of the parish of Deptford, which included Greenwich and Woolwich. In 1894 it became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich and in 1965 it became part of the London Boroughs system.

Lewisham has a rich history that dates back to the Roman period when there were settlements on this site, such as Old Ford and Eltham. The Parish Church St Mary’s at Old Ford dates from 1170 but was largely rebuilt between 1557-1561 when its spire collapsed during an earthquake (now replaced with a replica).

In Victorian times there were many industries including iron foundries, breweries, glass factories etc., some employing up to 2000 people at one time! There are still reminders today such as the Red House Brewery building off Upper North Street where beer production stopped over 100 years ago but now houses a restaurant called ‘Red House’ serving traditional pub food cooked using old-fashioned recipes passed down through generations here since 1745!

Lewisham’s transport links

Lewisham has many transport links, including a train station and bus station. The taxi rank is located outside the town centre. There are also two tram stops in Lewisham:

  • Lewisham (London) Airport – this stop is for those who need to get to London Airport from the centre of town, but it’s not directly accessible from there; you’ll have to walk through some streets before reaching it!
  • Lewisham Green Shopping Centre – this stop is close by and makes sense if you’re looking for somewhere convenient where you can buy your groceries or pick up some provisions before heading home afterwards.*

Lewisham’s parks and green spaces

Lewisham has a number of parks and green spaces to enjoy. The most popular is called Leisure Green, which is located right next to the train station in Lewisham town centre. It has plenty of amenities for people to enjoy: children’s play equipment, picnic tables, a dog-walking area and an outdoor theatre (theatre under cover).

There are also several other parks within the borough that you can visit with your family or friends! These include:

  • Lansdown Road Park – located on Lansdown Road near Southborough station; this park has plenty of space for families as well as being close enough for walking distance from both Southborough Station & Catford Bridge Station. It also features an ice rink during winter months which provides some great entertainment value especially if you have young children who want something fun whilst sitting around outside looking at their Christmas trees!

Lewisham’s shopping, dining and leisure facilities

Lewisham has a wide range of shopping, dining and leisure facilities. There are many restaurants in Lewisham including:

  • The Cafe Royal – Located on New Cross Road, this is one of the oldest cafes in London. It was opened by Thomas Andrews in 1803 as an informal meeting place for writers and artists at a time when much of London was still rural countryside. Today it is open from 9am to 11pm every day of the week except Sunday when it closes at 10pm.
  • The Waterman Restaurant & Bar – This restaurant can be found on Greenwich High Street (opposite St Johns Wood station), which houses some excellent restaurants such as The Glasshouse Bistro or The Blacksmith’s Arms Pub & Restaurant

Traveling in Lewisham with Lewisham Taxis

If you’re traveling in Lewisham and need a taxi, then look no further than Lewisham Taxis. As the largest independent minicab company in London, they offer a range of services including airport transfers, nightlife transportation and weekend getaways.

They also have a fleet of taxis and minicabs that are available 24 hours a day so you can call them at any time for your next ride. Their booking service is easy to use as well: just book online or by phone with one click! The friendly team will help make sure everything goes smoothly on your trip so there’s no stress involved when it comes time for pickup or dropoff points.”

Lewisham is a great place to live and work.

Lewisham is a great place to live and work. The atmosphere in the area is friendly, welcoming and full of opportunity. There are a lot of people who want to move into Lewisham because they want to feel at home here where there are so many things going on around them!

The community spirit in Lewisham is also amazing – from organisations like The Community Store, which offers free food and clothing donations every Friday evening (6pm-8pm), or local schools such as Brooklands Primary School, who organise events like their annual charity fundraiser called ‘A Night Out For Sale’ every year; these are just two examples of how much effort goes into improving our lives here at home by making sure everyone has access to quality education opportunities through continuous support provided by local authorities such as Greenwich Leisure Trust (GLT) & Greenwich Councils Education Department (GCED).

Lewisham also offers employment opportunities within an array of industries ranging from retail management roles  at supermarkets chains like Tesco & Sainsbury’s; commercial property management roles  at companies such as Hammerson , Canary Wharf Group PLC.; high tech engineering companies such as GKN Aerospace UK Limited.; financial services including banking institutes such Barclays Bank Plc., Lloyds Banking Group Plc   etcetera…


So, if you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas on where to go in Lewisham, then we’re here to help. We know that it can be hard to decide where to live and work when there are so many options out there – but with all the great places we’ve covered here on this blog, we hope our readers will find their new home in the next section of this website!



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