Things You Should Visit In Hastings




Things You Should Visit In Hastings


Hastings is a small town in East Sussex with a population of around 55,000. It has been described as “the most beautiful place in Britain.” It is known for its natural beauty, the castle and palace that overlook it from above and its many parks. The castle was built in 1067 by William the Conqueror when he invaded England and was later extended during the reign of Henry VIII who also added some rooms to it.

The Old Library

The Old Library is a popular attraction in Hastings. It has a large collection of books, newspapers and magazines. There are also CDs and DVDs available for viewing by visitors who want to take in the atmosphere from within the library itself.

Normanby Hall Gardens

Normanby Hall Gardens is a beautiful place to visit. It’s great for kids, it’s great for dates and it’s also perfect for adults. The gardens are full of beautiful flowers and plants that you can take photos of or just admire as you walk around.

The gardens are also home to many different animals including horses, rabbits and even an owl! If you’re feeling brave then why not try feeding them?

If you have children then there will be plenty of things on offer so they can enjoy themselves too. You may even find yourself having some fun yourself!

The Light Cinema

The Light Cinema is a community arts venue that also serves as a cinema, theatre and arts centre. It’s located in the heart of Hastings, just off the high street and within walking distance of many restaurants. The Light Cinema has been bringing some great events to their space since they opened in 1999.

The Light Cinema has a bar and restaurant on site as well as more than 20 other spaces available for hire such as:

  • The Four Corner Café
  • Screen Room – Multi-screen cinema with plush leather seating (Click here for more details)

St Leonard’s Barn

St Leonard’s Barn is a barn that was built around 1783. It is located near the coast and open to visitors, who can explore its history and learn more about how it was used by farmers. The barn has been restored to look like it did when it was first built, with wooden panels on the wall and tables inside for visitors to sit down on while they enjoy their time there.

The structure itself measures approximately 50 meters long, 15 meters wide and 3 meters high. Some of its original features include two large doors that open up into one large room inside; windows made out of glass panes (which were replaced during restoration); three chimneys; several large rooms; an old kitchen area where food could be prepared before being transported elsewhere so no one had access except those who worked there themselves; storage areas where grains could be stored until needed later on down south during harvest season (usually after summer).

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is one of the most iconic buildings in the United Kingdom, and it’s even more beautiful when you see it for yourself. Built by George II for his wife, Caroline of Ansbach, in 1787 with funds from her German court duties (which were quite generous), this palace was designed to be a showpiece for their European tour after he disowned them.

Inside there are many interesting landmarks: The Orangery where plants were grown during their stay; an entrance hall where guests could check into rooms; And finally Staircase Hall where they enjoyed tea while they waited for their arrival at dinner time!

It’s also worth mentioning that there are some amazing gardens outside but only open during certain times so make sure you check out these before visiting this wonderful place!

Sightsee Hastings with Hastings Taxis

Hastings Taxis is a local taxi company that provides a variety of services. They offer flexible booking, payment and cancellation options, meaning you can book your journey whenever you want. The company also offers great value for money when compared to other local taxi companies in Hastings, so there’s no need to pay over the odds!

Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

The Hastings Museum & Art Gallery is a museum and art gallery in Hastings, East Sussex, England. It was founded in 1824 by the Town Council and opened to the public in 1826. The building has been altered many times over its history but it still retains many original features including its facade which includes an Egyptian portico with two wings at either end, supported on corbels. The interior houses paintings from Henry Raeburn’s studio along with other exhibits including Victorian prints and photographs by Thomas Shotter Boys.


Hastings is a great place to visit. It has many great things to see, including the sea and its beaches.

It also has many great places to eat, drink and sleep in. There are plenty of places you can visit at any time of day or night as well as some places that offer specific activities like rock climbing or surfing lessons!


So, let me leave you with a list of things to do in Hastings. I hope this will help you to plan your trip and choose the best destinations for your stay in Hastings.



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