Top 10 Destinations To Visit In Manchester

The Opera House Manchester

Manchester is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom and has several things to see, do and experience. If you are planning a trip to Manchester I’ve put together this list of 10 things that should definitely be on your agenda during your stay in town.

Manchester United FC

Manchester United Football Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. The club was formed in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR by the Carriage and Wagon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. They were one of the 12 founder members of the Football League when it was founded in 1888.

Manchester United have won more trophies than any other team ever to play professional football (the record being 13), including an unprecedented five Premier League titles from 2001–2004, four FA Community Shields (1908–09, 1909–10; 1910–11; 1922) and one UEFA Champions League title (2008). Their most successful period came under Sir Alex Ferguson between 1986-2013 when they won 38 trophies including 11 Premier League titles,5 FA Cups, 2 UEFA Cups, 3 League Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups & 2 European Super Cups.

Manchester City FC Museum

Manchester City FC Museum and Experience is a museum and experience in Manchester, England. It is located on the corner of Deansgate and John Dalton Street in the city centre. The museum was opened by the club’s chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak on 29 May 2008 as part of their new stadium development project called “City Football Academy”. It features displays about football history along with exhibits from various periods in the club’s history including memorabilia from its four league titles, including the European Cup Winners’ Cup trophies won by Malcolm Allison & Joe Mercer (1959–60), Terry Neill (1991–92) & Nicky Butt & David Platt (2006–07).

The Opera House

The Manchester Opera House is a large concert hall in Manchester, England. It is the largest indoor arena in Europe and seats up to 2,750 people (1,500 of whom can be seated on the orchestra level).

The building was designed by Sir Charles Barry, and opened on 14 May 1859. It was initially named simply “The Royal Albert Hall”, but this name was soon replaced by “Manchester City Hall” because it refers to both cities: Manchester being a city of commerce and industry, while London City derives from its location between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace (the latter being part of British history). The name has changed over time as well; originally it was simply known as ‘City Hall’.

Old Trafford Cricket Ground

The Old Trafford Cricket Ground is a sports stadium in Old Trafford, Manchester, England. It is the home ground of Manchester United Football Club and has a capacity of 75,069. It is the largest stadium in Europe by capacity and the fifth largest stadium in the world by capacity.

The ground was opened on 30 September 1878 as part of an exhibition by Thomas Lipton at his tea pavilion “Lipton’s Tea Gardens”. The first match on site was played between Lancashire County Cricket Club (CCC) and Yorkshire CCC on 24–25 July 1880 with Lancashire winning by 1 wicket (this match was not counted as first-class).

National Football Museum

The National Football Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of football. It is located in the English city of Manchester, and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in September 1992.

The museum is housed on the lower ground floor of the City of Manchester Stadium, which opened in 2003 and has hosted England’s Football Association Cup Final since 2004 as well as being used for ICC World Twenty20 matches. The building also houses other sports museums related to football including a collection called “Football Legends” featuring pictures from past tournaments held at Wembley stadium; an interactive hall where visitors can play virtual games based on real life events such as penalty shootouts or free kicks; as well as an archive room containing photographs from all eras throughout history showing how players looked before they became famous (including some who had never been photographed before).

Manchester United FC Museum & Experience

The Manchester United FC Museum & Experience is located in the stadium, which is open to the public. It’s free of charge, and it contains a lot of information about Manchester United FC.

The museum has interactive exhibits that allow you to learn more about this famous football club and its history through experiences such as playing football games or searching for trophies or memorabilia. The museum also has lots of pictures, news articles and videos so you can take home some memories along with your newfound knowledge!

Gallery of Transport and Technology (GOT)

The Gallery of Transport and Technology is a museum and gallery in Manchester, England. It was opened on 15 October 2008 by Queen Elizabeth II as part of celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of her ascension to the throne.

The GOT is located in Deansgate, in the city centre just off Piccadilly Gardens (formerly known as Great Portland Street) at number 31–34 New Cathedral Street, which links onto St Peter’s Square. The building was designed by architect Richard Rogers as part of a wider regeneration project for this area.

The gallery houses an extensive collection of transport and technology items from around the world including two giant coasters from America’stheme park Disney World Resort Orlando Florida USA; an aircraft simulator ride; a replica London Underground tube carriage complete with ticket barriers etc.; model railway layouts showing how trains operate on different networks around Europe including London Underground Tube network which runs under current street level right up through their offices above ground level into one continuous tunnel below ground level!


Manchester is a great place to visit, live and work in. It has a vibrant student scene, with more than 20 universities located around the city. There are also many shops and restaurants that cater to students. People who want to enjoy the nightlife of Manchester should consider living in one of their many student accommodation properties or looking for apartments near universities such as Edge Hill University or Salford University which offer cheap rents on marketplaces like Airbnb & TripAdvisor!

There are plenty of things to do in Manchester whether you’re planning on staying for just a few days or months at a time like me (I’m currently staying with my family). There’s plenty going on during different times throughout all year round including festivals like Wireless Festival which takes place every June/July over 2 weekends! Another festival worth attending would be Meltdown Festival held annually from May 31st – June 2nd each year at Victoria Warehouse where they play music alongside rock bands such as Muse (aka Matt Bellamy), Arctic Monkeys etc..

Traveling in Manchester with Manchester Taxis

If you’re looking for affordable transport around Taxis Manchester, then there is a good choice. They’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can take you to any destination in the city. The only downside is that they don’t have air conditioning so it’s important to be prepared for hot weather when traveling by taxi.

There are also plenty of different types of taxis available in Manchester including minibuses and limousines which come in different sizes depending on how many passengers they carry at once; there are also black cabs which are more common than yellow ones but may not always be reliable if someone gets lost trying to find them because they don’t have GPS tracking devices installed inside them like other types do!


Manchester has plenty to offer visitors, from its exciting nightlife to amazing sights like the National Football Museum. The city center is easy enough to get around on foot, but it’s also easy enough to get anywhere else in Manchester by public transport. If you’re looking for somewhere new to visit, these 10 destinations will help make your trip memorable!


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