Top 10 Places to visit in Greenford


Greenford is a district in the London Borough of Ealing. It’s located in west London, close to Brentford and Harrow. Greenford has a population of just over 100,000 people, but it still has plenty of things to do on your holiday there!

Greenford Library

The Greenford Library is a public library in Greenford, United Kingdom. It is located on the High Street and opened in 1982.

The library has many meeting rooms available for use by local groups and organizations. The library also provides computers for public use, both wired and wireless Internet connections are available throughout the building as well as free printing services

Greenford Station

Greenford Station is a railway station in Greenford, England. It is on the Great Western Main Line and so it can be reached from all parts of London including Paddington, Hayes & Harlington and Heathrow Terminal 5 via Reading or Slough.

The station was opened by British Rail in 1959 as part of a large-scale modernisation programme which saw almost all stations on this route upgraded to provide better passenger facilities. The name “Greenford” comes from its location just outside the town centre which lies along one side of its platforms; however, there are several other places named after this town (such as High Wycombe) that use different spellings but mean something similar: for example “Greenfield” means an area where trees grow near water sources such as streams or riverside ponds etc…

The Oval

The Oval is a cricket ground in Greenford, London that was once home to the Middlesex County Cricket Club. The Oval has a capacity of 16,000 and is located close to Greenford Station on the North Circular Road. It is also easily accessible via public transport as it is situated close to several bus stops which makes it ideal for those who do not have their own vehicle or prefer walking over driving.

The Oval was first established in 1867 when an old piece of land called “The Old Rectory” was purchased by a local farmer named Thomas Cooke who wanted to build his own house on this property but had no money at all; so he decided instead just pay off his debts with some extra land from these lands!

Royal Oak Park

Royal Oak Park is a public park in Greenford, England. The park is located on the border of Greenford and Ealing, close to the A40 road.

The park covers an area of around 22 acres (8 ha) and has been described as “one of London’s best-kept secrets”. It contains many mature trees including oak trees, elms and sycamores which have been planted over time by local residents together with volunteers from nearby schools.

Woolwich Arsenal Sports Centre and Leisure Complex

Price Range: Free entry to attractions (some may require membership) The Royal Artillery Barracks Museum is free of charge, with a membership costing £7 per month. Other attractions are also included in this price range depending on their popularity and availability. Food and Drink:-There are plenty of options at the venue including cafes, restaurants and bars that serve food ranging from classic British fare to modern cuisine using local produce.

There’s also a selection of shops selling souvenirs such as t-shirts or hats if you want something unique whilst at Woolwich Arsenal Sports Centre & Leisure Complex!Facilities:-There are multiple courts for basketball games or volleyball matches which include floodlights so you won’t be caught out when it gets dark outside! Activities:-If you love playing sports then there are plenty available at this venue including badminton courts which allow spectators to watch from afar without having any barriers between them (this makes things easier when trying not to get hit by balls). What To Do There?

London Transport Museum and the ‘little train’ at the station

The London Transport Museum is a great place to visit and the ‘little train’ at the station is just as amazing. The museum is located in Greenford, which means that you can get there by bus or train. It’s open from 10 am to 5 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays only (not every day). You can explore all sorts of interesting exhibits here including railway engines, buses and trams. This museum offers free admission so you won’t have any trouble finding something that interests you!

Brixton Village

Brixton Village is a community in London, England. It is located in the London Borough of Lambeth and borders the London Borough of Wandsworth. The area was previously a separate town until it was amalgamated with other areas of South London by Act of Parliament on 1 April 1965 and became part of Greater London when it was created on 1 April 1965 as a historic county government area under the Local Government Act (1958).

Brixton Village has many restaurants, pubs and shops which are open throughout the day so you can enjoy some refreshments after your visit to Greenford.

Brent and Harrow Borough Council Sports Centres

Brent and Harrow Borough Council Sports Centres are open to the public and provide a great place to visit. There are two sports centres in Brent and Harrow: one is located on Marlowe Way, near Greenford train station; the other is situated in West Green. Both of these centres have facilities for children aged 3–11 years old as well as adults who want to play sports but don’t have any children at home yet!

The Marlowes Way centre offers activities such as badminton, table tennis and football on Monday afternoons. The West Green Centre also has facilities for people aged 11+ who wish to use them regularly during school holidays when they’re not available elsewhere during term time (such as weekends).

This is the best place to visit in Greenford, UK

This is the best place to visit in Greenford, UK. It’s located on High Road and has a history that dates back to Roman times. The church was built around 1100 AD and has been used as a Parish Church since then.

The churchyard contains several memorials including one for John Gee who died in 1737 at age 74 years old. He was also known as “The Father of Greenford”.

Travelling In Greenford with Greenford Taxis

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Greenford is a beautiful place to visit, with many sights and activities to keep you entertained. The best part of travelling in Greenford with Greenford taxis is that they’ll take care of all your transportation needs so you can relax during your trip!


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