Top 5 Places to Visit in Bristol

Bristol Clifton_Suspension_Bridge

Bristol is a great city to visit. It has so much to see and do that there’s always something new to discover. In this blog post, I will go over my favorite places in Bristol so that you can plan your trip!

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge is located in Bristol, England. It was built between 1832 and 1838 by Thomas Dadford and William Tierney Clark to connect Clifton Down with Redcliffe Hill.

The bridge consists of four arches supported by 11 piers: two pairs of outer arches on either side of a central pier at an elevation of about 30 feet (9 m). The four cables are suspended from eight large ring ropes with weights at their ends that travel up through the suspension chains into position above each arch before being released to suspend the chain across its span. Originally designed for pedestrians only, it has since been opened up for cyclists as well—and motorists may soon be able to use it too!

The first recorded crossing by road took place in 1826 when three horses were used; they became so nervous they had difficulty crossing even though they weren’t scared by any danger! Climbing down again afterwards proved tricky due to poor footing caused by slippery mud which led captain Hickey’s team leader James Graham back then–who later became mayor himself!–to suggest installing some wooden planks beneath each footstep so people wouldn’t slip off unexpectedly while crossing over!”

Colston Hall

Colston Hall is a Victorian Gothic Revival building. It was built as a place of worship and opened in 1833.

It was designed by John Latham, who also designed St Michael’s Church on Castle Street and St John’s Church in Bristol city centre.

The exterior is made from stone with some decoration from other materials such as leaded glass windows and decorative cast iron railings around the front porch area which gives it an impressive look that both adults and children can enjoy!

Bristol Zoo and Aquarium

The Bristol Zoo and Aquarium is a family-friendly attraction that’s home to over 1,500 animals from around the world. It’s also one of the most popular attractions in Bristol, with over 1 million people visiting each year.

The zoo has plenty of different activities for kids including rides and games like cannonball runs or climbing walls while parents can enjoy some time away from their children on the green spaces where they can relax or catch up with mates without having any noise disturbances or other disturbances to worry about.


Arnolfini is a contemporary art gallery in Bristol, England. It was founded in 1986 by Michael and Suzi Tindall, who now own and run it with their daughter Sarah Tindall. The gallery focuses on exhibiting works by established artists as well as those emerging from the art world today. Arnolfini also hosts events like talks or performances that often feature artists who have exhibited at the gallery over time; these events are open to the public free of charge but require RSVPs through Eventbrite.

The building itself was designed by architect Julian Cox in collaboration with artists Martin Creed and Peter Fend who had previously worked together on several projects together (including the London Underground). The building features two large rooms divided by glass walls: one room contains white walls painted with geometric shapes while another room has black walls covered with textiles made from recycled sweaters donated by local students.*

Bute Park

Bute Park is a public park in the St. Paul’s area of Bristol, England, which is home to the Royal West of England Academy and the Bristol Old Vic theatre. The park was opened by Queen Victoria in 1842 as an extension of her husband’s burial ground at Frogmore House. It contains a children’s playground, a dance pavilion (used by The Royal Ballet), tennis courts and bowling greens/cricket pitches.


Bristol is a beautiful city with great architecture, parks and museums. It’s also a great place to visit or live in if you’re looking for a city with lots of culture and history.

Bristol offers many opportunities for work, study and travel. The city has an active nightlife scene with bars and clubs along Thekla Crescent (the main street). This area offers something for everyone from those who want to enjoy some food after work or school through to those who love music festivals like Boardmasters Festival that takes place every summer on the Isle of Wight in England.

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I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post about the best places to visit in Bristol. I know it might seem like a lot of places, but really, each one is worth seeing and the experience is something everyone should get to see at least once in their lifetime! So if you ever find yourself in Bristol, head out on one of these adventures with your friends or family and make sure they are able to enjoy themselves too.


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