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Top Places To Visit In Beaconsfield


Beaconsfield is a town and civil parish in Buckinghamshire, England. It has been a centre of industry and commerce since Roman times and continues to be one of the most affluent areas in Buckinghamshire today. The town name comes from Beaconsfield Abbey (meaning “beacon field”), which was founded in 1131 by Walter de Montbray, Bishop of London.

Beaconsfield Castle

Beaconsfield Castle is a 15th-century castle in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England. The castle is situated on the northern side of Beaconsfield, on the edge of the Chilterns.

The site was originally an Anglo-Saxon motte-and-bailey with a wooden palisade surrounding it. In 1381 Edward III granted permission for the construction of a new stone keep in exchange for payment to his treasurer Humphrey de Bohun. It became known as “Beachyng” or “Bekyngham”. In 1622 King James I granted licence for rebuilding work on both sides following damage sustained during the English Civil War.

At this time there were two halls within its perimeter: Upper Hall which was used as living quarters by knights and their families; Lower Hall which housed servants such as kitchen staff etc..

The St Mary’s Church

The St Mary’s Church is a Gothic building, built in the 12th century. It was restored in 1926, and it is now a Grade I listed building.

The parish church of St Mary’s sits on the site of an earlier chapel dating back to as early as 1075. In 1297 it became part of the Cluniac order when John de Cluny acquired land near Beaconsfield which included this site and two others: one at Upper Windsor (now called Lower Windsor) and another at Lower Sunbury (now known as Upper Sunbury). The first recorded priest here was William de Bury who took over from Eustace Fitz Walter who had gone on pilgrimage to Rome with King Edward 1st around 1189/90 AD before returning home again with his fellow travellers including Richard Fitz Gilbert who held titles such as Lord of Arundel Castle; Earl Of Gloucester & Staffordshire; Baron Of Hartlepool & Scarborough etcetera; Earl Marshal For England under Henry III until 1327 when he died aged 48 years old after having served King Edward II during both periods when he was alive: 1st time between 1307-1326 – 2nd time between 1327-1330 – 3rd time between 1332-1337

Leisure Park

Leisure Park is a great place to go for a walk, ride or game. It has many different activities you can do here such as swimming and bike rides. You will also find that Leisure Park has a picnic area where you can bring food and drink with you when going on your trips around town.

Leisure Park is located in the centre of Beaconsfield so it only takes up about half an hour from anywhere else in town if you want to get there quickly!

Sandford Park

Sandford Park is a park that houses a variety of animals, plants and birds. There are also many insects that inhabit this area.

Latchmere House

Latchmere House is a Grade II listed house in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England. It is a fine example of a mid-18th century house. The estate was built for the Earl of Coventry and later became part of that manor’s extensive land holdings.

The house has been extensively restored and remodelled over the years but retains many original features such as fireplaces, chimney pots and kitchen fittings along with some original paintings on display in its finest rooms.

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A blog about different places to visit in Beaconsfield.

Beaconsfield is a town in Buckinghamshire, England. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK, and it has many attractions to see and things to do.

Beaconsfield has been named as one of the best places to visit by National Geographic Magazine! The town itself has many famous landmarks including:

  • The Church of St Mary Magdalene, which dates back to AD 970;
  • The Royal Institution for the Blind (RIB);
  • King Charles’s School;
  • St John’s Church – built during Victorian times as part of an ambitious building project by Sir George Gilbert Scott who also designed Windsor Castle & St Pancras Station among other buildings across Europe;


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