What are Top Tourist Places in Stevenage


Stevenage is a great place to visit, especially if you like seeing some of the top tourist places in Stevenage. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Oxendon Forest

Oxendon Forest is great for families, as it has lots of places to play and explore. It’s also a very popular place for walking, with many different paths that lead you along the forest. The area also contains several lakes and ponds where you can enjoy fishing or canoeing.

Oxendon Forest is home to some of Stevenage’s most iconic landmarks, including The Box Tree (a large oak tree), Oxendon Pond Farm Centre and Oxendon Cottage Museum. One of my favourite things about this location is its proximity to other attractions such as Castle Fields Shopping Centre and The Roundabout Centre as well!

Stevenage Museum

The Stevenage Museum is located on St. Mary’s Street in the town centre and has a small but interesting collection of local history. There are two parts to this museum: one that covers Stevenage’s industrial past, and another that looks at its military history.

The first floor of the building houses a permanent exhibition called ‘Stevenage: A Living History’, which tells you about various aspects of life here through displays that range from household items such as furniture or clothes to artefacts from local schools and businesses. You can also watch videos about key moments in our history if you’re interested!

There are lots more things to see here including interactive displays where you can use your phone/tablet with some fun apps developed especially for kids (or adults like me). There’s also an old telephone box available for visitors who would rather not get their hands dirty by playing with real bricks!

Little Italy

If you’re looking for authentic Italian food, Little Italy is the place to be. It’s a small community of Italians who have been living in Stevenage since the 1950s and they make up most of the businesses there. You can find plenty of Italian restaurants, shops and cafés in this area that serve traditional Italian dishes.

If you’re planning on visiting Little Italy as part of your tourist trip then I would recommend checking out one or two of these places:

La Goccia Gelato (Click here) – This gelato shop has been making creamy ice cream since 1979 so it definitely knows what it’s doing! They have an incredible selection of flavours including strawberry cheesecake and tiramisu which are both delicious choices if you’re looking for something sweet after lunch/dinner at some point during your visit (or even before). They also offer special weekly specials throughout each month so keep an eye out online if there’s something new going on during peak season like around Christmas time when they usually run promotions where people get free samples with every order made during certain times during November & December every year.”

Ponders End

Ponders End is a neighbourhood in the London Borough of Barnet. It is located in the northeast of the borough, between Hendon and Whetstone.

The area was originally named “Ponders End” after a farmhouse that stood there until it was demolished in 1821. The house had been built around 1730 by Richard Alexander, who served as High Sheriff for Hertfordshire in 1736-37 and again from 1740-43. For many years thereafter, its site was home to a large number of cottages built by local builders or homeowners who wished to live close together.

Potters Fields Park

Potters Fields Park is a large, green space in the centre of Stevenage. It’s an ideal place to go for a walk or jog, and there are plenty of benches to sit on while you’re enjoying your workout. The park also has a large pond where you can swim or have fun with your dog (if you have one). There’s even a children’s playground, so parents don’t have to worry about keeping their kids occupied while they’re waiting for them in line at Starbucks!

If this sounds like somewhere that would be fun for everyone from toddlers through adults alike then we’d highly recommend checking out Potters Fields Park today!

If you’re ever visiting Stevenage, make sure to check out some of these great places!

For those who love nature and wildlife, Oxendon Forest is a great place to visit. It has plenty of beautiful scenery and animals to see!

If you’re ever in Stevenage, make sure to check out some of these great places:

  • Stevenage Museum – This museum has many different exhibits on display. You can learn all about history here!
  • Little Italy – If Italian food is your thing then this neighbourhood should be on your list too! There are lots of restaurants with delicious pasta dishes available at all hours of day or night. The atmosphere here is very lively with street performers performing outside every day at different times throughout the week so come visit if you want something more exciting than just sitting inside watching TV all day long.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these great places in Stevenage! As you can see, there are some really cool things to do here for those who like history and culture. Some of the parks mentioned above are even within walking distance from our office! We look forward to seeing all of our visitors come to visit us soon.


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